Stormchaser, please for help!

I have purchased new computer and everything is working just fine exept this python file “” (see attached file) On previously comp I have Anaconda software, but now I have installed Miniconda. The other python file working just fine but this one “” answered me " No module named matplotlib"
Do you have any idea what should be wrong?

Should I install Anaconda?
P.S. I have succesfuly installed RSUDP procedure here: 2. Installing rsudp — rsudp documentation (1.4 KB)

Hello Marco,

Yes, it appears that some packages were not installed with Miniconda (such as matplotlib, or one of its sub-libraries).

You can try to do two things:

  1. manually install matplotlib (and any other missing library that you get from the traceback with conda install [libraryname] (searching here: or pip install [libraryname] (searching here:

  2. uninstall miniconda and install the full anaconda version, which should have all the required libraries. If any are missing, then you can install them as shown above.

Hi Stormchaser. I am install full Anaconda version, and now everything working just fine.

Thanksa for help



That’s great to hear! You’re welcome.