Step pulses in multiple stations

I was just having a look at data from the Cornwall Schools network in the UK. I got the data using the FDSN web services. Attached is a screenshot showing weird step pulses happening on multiple stations at the same time at around 00:04 on 2020/01/04

. It looks like some sort of calibration pulse? Or is there something weird going on at the server side? Interested for your thoughts :slight_smile:

hi steven,

that is indeed a server-side issue (the shake has no calibartion pulses). we are aware of this problem and will be addressing it in Q2 of this year.

to be clear: these are not actually step-wise functions at all, but a gap in the data. it’s the display program that is not recognizing it as a gap for display as such (it is reading the mini-SEED format file?).

regardless, these gaps shouldn’t exist and will be addressed in the near future. apologies for the inconvenience.


Thank you - that makes sense (I am displaying the miniSEEDs). Cheers!

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