STEIM type change?

Hello everyone.

I just received RS4D and spent the whole day playing with it.

It seems that RS4D generates mini-seed data by STEIM2 method?

Two questions:

  1. Does RS4D(or all Raspberry Shakes for that matter) use STEIM2?
  2. Any easy way to change the data compression method to STEIM1?
    All other softwares we have are based on STEIM1 generated data.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Daniel, yes, all of our instruments record data as STEIM2 miniSEED.

There are several ways to convert. In my opinion the surest one that gives you the most control is to write a script to handle the conversion using obspy—although I think you could do it in Matlab just as well. A simple version of that script might look something like the following:

from obspy import read
st = read('/path/to/data/file')
st.write('/new/data/file', format='MSEED', encoding='STEIM1')

Read more here:

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