StationView Update!

Our newly refreshed StationView interface has received more Quality of Life updates! Here’s a brief summary, with more underway!

  • For mobile devices, disable map rotation when zooming
  • Disabled map infinite horizontal scrolling bug, that caused the Shakes and Events to disappear
  • Improved Light mode
  • Improved Distance/Relevance Event sorting
  • Added a “Dynamic Event filter” setting, so that the user can decide if the Event list will only show the events visible on-screen, or the entire worldwide earthquake list
  • Ground Motion legend now remains visible when a station panel is opened
  • Improved text visibility in Dark mode
  • Hovering over an EQ circle will now display the event’s datetime and magnitude

This is all thanks to your essential feedback, so thank you all!
More to come in the near future; keep an eye on it!


More updates just released today!

  • Updated and improved Tour Guide
  • Added tooltip with channel description on the station panel
  • Improved Shake-Event connecting line visibility
  • Optimized Station List menu sorting

Explore it at your leisure: