StationView showing all stations disconnected

Subject line says it all - no station data for last hour or so. All stations, worldwide.
Looks like my station is still connected and sending data, so probably the stationview server.

Hello Philip,

Thank you for the notification. There was an issue with our servers that I corrected.

Now StationView displays correctly all the stations in our network with no or minimal data loss:

Hi all,
My R3237 station is not showing in Station view.

That’s my rs local view Jpeg.
Moreover, in the Earthquake locator tab, there is no data in my station.

Can someone guide me?
Best Regards
Wai Yar

here is my download log file of R3237.
Thanks in Advance.
Best Regards,
Wai yar
RSH.R3237.2022-12-19T04_26_43.logs.tar (1.2 MB)

hello Way yar,

the log files (and screenshot) indicate that OFF-LINE mode is turned ON. if you would like your data to be forwarded to the server, please re-configure your unit and turn OFF-LINE mode to OFF.

let us know if you have any more questions,

ivor, thanks alot for your explanation. can you show me the how to re-configure your unit and turn OFF-LINE mode to OFF .
I have made “Turn OFF-LINE MODE OFF” as described in attached

When I made as attached above image. i found some changes as per attached image. is it okay for now ?

Thanks for your support ivor.
Best Regards
Wai Yar

hello wai yar,

your unit is connected to the server and is now on-line:

enjoy shaking!


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