StationView not showing multiple RS4D stations, appears as disconnected

Is there something wrong with the StationView server? There are multiple RS4D stations in the San Francisco area that appear to be disconnected (not showing 10 minute window of the live data stream). See attached screenshot. Thanks.

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Hello sunnyshake, welcome to our community!

You are correct, we are experiencing issues that prevent data from being displayed on our Raspberry Shake services: StationView, DataView and the ShakeNet app.

Server issues continue to be present, however, these issues are causing a slight delay in servers data forwarding. That is, while some stations appear offline (white), their data is actually only slightly delayed.

The data delay is only a little more than 10 minutes and it is important to note that even though the Shake data is slightly delayed to real-time, all data is being stored on our servers and is not lost.

We will provide another update as soon as there are new developments.

Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience.

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