Stationview map. Update timeout?

Hello Shake team.

I discussed with a couple of other people that live stream and display the stationview map 24/7. It appears that within the last month or so, the station view map stops updating the hex colors. I need to refresh the map to start the updates again. In the past, I only needed to refresh the map to pick up new stations or after some network connection issue.

Is this by design to save server resources? It seems to do it at random intervals. I have seen it go for longer periods 8 to 12 hours. Last night I refreshed at 10:30p and it stopped updating by 2:28 when a 3.6 quake occurred and no station updates took place. The quakes on the map continue to update. You can see the 3.6 get added to the map.

Overall the stationview map works great. I am really happy with all the features and appreciate the work that has gone into it. The new timeout issue is unfortunate when a quake comes by and no updates are occurring.

Stationview map for the 3.6 Lytle Creek quake:

RD29A RS4D Chino Hills, Ca

Hello Steve, I’m happy to hear from you again!

I tested the map before the new version went live and I admit that this bug didn’t appear during my trials. Could you please tell me which value have you selected in the “Ground motion color refresh rate” parameter in the Settings?

I want to try and replicate your operative conditions as much as possible to see what could be causing the issue.

Thank you as usual for the detailed feedback and your continuing support!

Did you reset something on the server when I was not looking? :smiley:

Of course, today on the live stream and also on a plain chrome tab on my laptop, no interruptions after 12hrs. I talked to another live streamer and the same for them. Running 12+ hours and no issues.

As mentioned before, the timeout duration has not been constant. So, I will monitor and report back if appears again.

I have been using:

  • 1-second refresh rate
  • Last 24 hours, All Magnitudes
  • All Stations
  • All Shake types

Let me know if you need any more info.


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Hello again Steve,

Not to my knowledge :smiley:

I have asked one of my colleagues to check the servers for me, but their operation is nominal.

I will try to replicate the issue starting this morning with the data that you have sent me (thank you for that!). I want to understand if this bug appears at random (which will make it a bit more difficult to find) or if there are conditions that will make it more likely for the bug to appear.

As of now, I don’t need more info, but I will let you know if I have any updates on this matter.

I wish to thank you and the other live streamer you contacted again for the precious feedback you are providing us!

As always, thanks for taking the time to look into this item. These types of issues are always hard to track down.

I did refresh the map before going to bed around 10p Pacific time last night. When I checked at about 5:30a, the map had was frozen again.

My fellow streamer had this same issue. They found that our maps had frozen at approximately the same time: “When I look back on both our live streams, mine froze around 1:20:22 mountain time and yours froze around 00:20:44 pacific time”

Hopefully, this detail might help narrow the search for an issue.

Thanks again,

–Steve C.


It does, thank you very much Steve.

I can see that there are only few seconds between your page stopping updating and your fellow streamer one doing the same.

Could I ask you to report, in real time (if you can, naturally) when the next interruption happens? As of now we were not able to find what is causing this issue, but we have put our monitoring resources on it. If another updating stop happens while we are both awake (it will require a bit of luck) I can check if my StationView is not updating either, and this could lead us to the cause of the problem.

Hi Stormchaser,

I will try and keep a closer eye on the map when I am up and see if I can catch stopping in real-time. :crossed_fingers:



Hello Steve,

Thank you so much for your collaboration. I will do the same on my side of the world, and maybe we will catch the problem live.

Hi Stormchaser,

A little late catching the stop. 9:12a pacific. 17:12UTC. Running since about 10:00p pacific

Edit: I checked 3 other live streams. All maps stopped updating between 9:12a and 9:13a pacific time


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