StationView Map. Black Color during quake?

I have noticed the black color on the StationView hexagons for a little while now when motion gets strong. I do not recall when it started, however.

The quakes recently have only been strong enough to turn a nearby RShake black. This video of the recent SoCal Ojai 5.1 shows many hexagons going black. I thought black was normally used for an offline station (at least, it has not connected for a little while)

So… is black supposed to be the color in this situation? Should they remain the top-scale red? Is a deeper red needed?

Not a major issue. However, it does give the appearance that the shakes have gone offline.

Steve Caron
RS4D Chino Hills, Ca


Thank you very much for this report Steve!

Indeed, when the station “max out” the scale, they should remain in the deep red color as it indicates motions stronger than 60 um/s, and not become black.

I will pass this on to our software team so that they can take a look at what caused the issue and fix it.

Thank you again!

You are welcome.

Let me know when it is fixed so I can arrange a test quake to see the corrected colors :laughing:

Steve Caron
RS4D Chino Hills, Ca


Hello again Steve,

We have pushed a fix for this particular situation, so now the stations on the map should not go black when the maximum scale value is exceeded, and instead remain dark red.

You can make your test whenever it’s most convenient.

As always, thanks for the quick turnaround from you and the team.

I put in an order for a test quake. However, no time, location, or magnitude was provided :slight_smile:

So, I will be on standby for the test. I will pass along the results when I have some.

Steve Caron
RS4D Chino Hills, Ca


No problem Steve, always a pleasure!

Yes, I understand that the service can be quite random, but do keep us posted :slight_smile:

For anything else, just let us know.

Finally, we had a decent size quake near a number of Rshakes.

Passing along some visual confirmation that the fix is working. No, black color and the RShakes changed to a dark red as expected.

3.5 Big Bear, CA

As always, thank you for all the support you and the RShake team provide.

RS4D - RD29A
Chino Hills, Ca


Hello Steve,

One, I would look at your stream for hours for how well it displays data. Its “interactivity” during an earthquake (live counter display, auto-zoom on the toy, and all the rest) provides a mountain of information at a glance. Great work!

Second, it’s great to hear that the “black color” issue with the RS stations in the map has been solved with our latest fix. Thank you for pointing this out in the first place, and if there is anything else, as usual, just let us know!

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