Stations in Stationview is now and then showing "Not available" (black)

Station indication of my station AM.R25D6 in Stationview is now and then showing “Not available” (black) for some seconds and then again a normal value (blue/green etc). When I check, some few other stations behave similar, see AM.RF9B6, AM.R98E6, AM.R5CFD, AM.R649B ++.
When looking in the logs, I see some errors, but I can’t understand what to do further.
Since there seems to be the same “problem” there might be something common for the stations?

RSH.R25D6.2021-08-28T05_48_24.logs.tar (1.3 MB)


Thank you for pointing this out and for your logs. Yes, it seems that there were some connection issues at the time of your report, but now they seem to have disappeared, as I can see that all the stations are transmitting well on StationView.

The black hexagon could also have been related to the upgrades we have been implementing in the same StationView portal in the last days, which could have caused brief “no data” icons displays.