Station View Not Secure?

Hi There,
I have he Raspberry Shake station view map displayed on my live stream and i noticed that today it started to display and it says that it cant get events and a listener error and that it would try again in 10 seconds. I tried to refresh the page and it doesn’t work it just goes blank. I tried the same page on Chrome and Internet Explorer and both say that that cant provide a secure response, any suggestions on what to do? I have also noticed that on other live streams that the RS Stations haven’t updated in a few hours. Last time i checked station view was a secure website :wink:
Here’s a link to the stream, rewind a few hours and you can see what i mean with the station view in the upper left hand corner.



Thank you for taking note of this issue and for the detailed report. It was fixed yesterday evening, and now everything should be back working as normal.