Station View does not expand on epicenter data

Station view shows EQ event id when hovering over an epicenter. It does not show more data when you click on it. I think it used to display more. Has some thing changed?

Hello pasgaf, welcome back to the community!

Regarding your query, you mean like this?

That is, clicking on one circled epicenter will open a popup with more details on the left side of StationView? Could I ask what browser you are currently using, and its version? Thank you.

If this doesn’t appear for you, I would recommend the following (if you haven’t already tried):

  1. Hard refresh your page with Ctrl+F5 or Mac equivalent
  2. Try with different browsers, checking that they are updated to their latest versions
  3. As a last resource, uninstall, reboot, and then reinstall your favorite browser to try again.

The hard reset seems to have worked. It (ctrl F5) also worked on the Edge, Firefox and Brave browsers. Many thanks.


No problem at all pasgaf! Happy to help!