Station R5419 Offline

Hello, my RS&BOOM is showing as “Offline.” All lights are on, and my home Wifi network is seeing the RS as online and active. When checking rs.local, everything looks online. It shows as “offline” on the various Apps (MyShake, Stationview), but I notice that other favorite stations also show as “offline” in the app. Maybe it’s an app problem? Can you help with a solution? Thanks. RSH.R5419.2021-04-23T04_51_48.logs.tar (1.8 MB)

Hello Tomfinley1,

Thank you very much for notifying us of the problem! It was an internal issue, that has been solved, and the system is now going back to normal.

The data should be displayed flowing again in real-time in the coming hours.

Thank you very much… it is working fine now!
Best regards,