Station on and off line (AM.RCF9D)

Hi Shaker People

Just got my Station built and seems to be running fine (within my network) although it comes on and offline and has currently been offline for quite a while. I have seen it online and streaming on ShakerNet and StationView but never on the IOS Shakenet app.

From rs.local it all looks great and also online and my Internet and internal network is rock solid:

Maybe on the server side I need to be patient while it all syncs up?

Lastly I upload log files. Sorry nothing much to add as all looks working on my sids just not from the outside…

RSH.RCF9D.2021-08-18T11_11_44.logs.tar (121.5 KB)

If I can provide any further info let me know.



I think all is good now and even the IOS Shaker app is showing my station…


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Hello Andy, welcome to the community!

Sometimes it can take up to 24/48h before a new station is visualised in all our services, from Shakenet, to StationView, to the App, and we are working to reduce this delay.

Thank you, however, for contacting us and posting all the details and the logs from your Shake, that didn’t show anything problematic.


Thanks :slight_smile: