Station offline (RB200)


My station has been offline for quite a while on the ShakeNet mobile app as well as the Web App. The web interface rs.local seems to be fine, rebooting didn’t help. Can you please assist? Thanks!

RSH.RB200.2022-12-25T03_00_10.logs.tar (3.8 MB)

hi there,

looking at the log files and it seems your unit is in a weird state: last boot-up didn’t seem to complete, yet it still seems to be trying to connect to the server, but fails, likely due to network issues that started about one month ago. did something with your network change recently?

if not, try re-burning the SD card with the Shake-OS image and see if that has a beneficial effect. if not, please send the log files again. instructions for downloading and burning a new SD card can be found here.

please let us know what happens,

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The station appears to be live again on our services: Station View: Raspberry Shake Network & EQ Activity Map

Great to have you back online hazimm88!

Thanks all, somehow the station is indeed back online now without me doing anything yet! I think about a month ago I did change to a new router, could that be why?

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Hello hazimm88,

It could be a possibility but, as there are hundreds (if not thousands) of different makers/models combinations of modem/routers out there, we cannot be completely sure.

It is possible that the Shake needed to be rebooted after re-connecting it to the new modem/router, or that the modem/router needed the same, but the important thing is that now the station is back online.

If anythinig happens again, you know where to find us.