Station not showing up in station view

Hi my station AM.R8563.00.EHZ is not showing up in station view
System status: running
Server connection: connected
Location is correct

Peter V.
RSH.R8563.2019-10-08T16_43_50.logs.tar (979 KB)

connected it to a different internet network and now it’s showing up

Hi Peter, from your logs it looks as if ports 55555 and 55556 are blocked. You will have to give the Shake’s Ethernet MAC address to your IT department, who will be able to open these ports up for data transmission.

oh ok! thanks a lot!


My station AM.R3B9B.00 is not showing up in station view
System status: running
Server connection: connected

RSH.R3B9B.2019-12-03T19_33_40.logs.tar (326.5 KB)

Hi John, your station is online now. It just takes a while for the server to update and recognize it:

Thanks Ian, got it…!

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Hi there, I set up my RS1D last evening and all seems to be working. It is the newest station on ShakeNet, but it does not show up on StationView (log files attached). I’ve tried a few reboots and re-running the setup. Is there anything else I could try? Thanks!


Raspberry Pi Model : 3 Model B
System Status : RUNNING
System Version : 0.18
Ethernet Local IPv4 :
Ethernet MAC : b8:27:eb:70:79:b8
Data Producer : ON
Data Consumer : ON
Stand-Alone : OFF
Data Forwarding : ON
Server Connection : Connected
Latitude : 57.1232
Longitude : -2.1728
Elevation : 80 m

RSH.R79B8.2020-05-14T11_30_59.logs.tar (849.5 KB)


it is there now, this was a server-side issue having to do with the station view. the data uploaded since it connected yesterday is resident on the server.

thanks for the report,


I installed a RS4D AM.R9A02 on september. It’s connected to business Orange router via an ethernet wall socket. It has a static IP : It’s Orange that controls the firewall. Orange open the ports 55555 (TCP), 55556 (TCP) and 123 (UDP) to since thursday (12/11). I still don’t see the raspberry on station view. What tests can we do to see where the problem is ?

Thank you,

Alison C

Hello Alison, welcome to the community!

I see your issue, and it is indeed strange. Could you please post the logs from your Shake, so I can try to get more insight on what’s happening?

In case you don’t know or don’t remember how to do it, they are downloadable from the Raspberry Shake’s web configuration page, accessible entering the rs.local address in your browser, then by clicking on the “Download Logs” button.