Station not in station view

Hi, cannot see my station in station view but can access it fine locally.
It is AM.RD8B4.00.[EHZ][HDF] in Singapore.
Log files attached.


RSH.RD8B4.2020-07-25T02 53 26.logs.tar (1.9 MB)

Hello klythgoe, welcome to the community!

From the logs, it seems that the ports 55555 and 55556 are closed for your network, and thus the Shake cannot transmit the data to our servers but it can be seen locally.

2020 204 17:02:26>>	Connection request ( failed with error code: Connection refused

You should open these ports using the Shake IP or MAC address that you can find in rs.local. If you are not the admin of your network, then you should ask to open the same ports. The full list is found here:

My shake station has not been on station view for several weeks. I have attached the log file.
RA-7D3 is the station running on a Pi 3 B+, with pro grade SSD card and updated. Ports 55500-55600
are open. Putty works just fine and the unit can ping everythingRSH.RA7D3.2020-09-04T01 50 47.logs.tar (1.1 MB)
What am I doing wrong?


from the log files, both yours and on the server, there are at least a couple of things going on:

  1. messages are not being sent to the server successfully and after re-trying the connection 61 times, the connection is closed and re-opened, continually repeating this cycle.
  2. sometimes, however, data does get through, but when this happens, the data is intermittently rejected by the server since the time-stamp is actually 2 hours into the future.

for the first problem, i’d say there’s something funny going on with the network. you can test this by taking your station to a different location that uses a different router and / or ISP to see if you see any change in behaviour.

for the second problem, even though you are connected to NTP servers, it would seem the clock is not correct. the timezone should be UTC always and not changed (though i don’t think it has been, just being complete).

at the moment, for example, the last data received at 21:43:56 was time-stamped at 20:15:18.745, about 90 minutes behind.

if you can’t test by moving the unit, at least reboot, wait some minutes, and then re-send your log files.

hope this helps,


Thanks. I have reset the time. The UTC time looks right.

I have reset the clock to UTC and it seems to be correct. But no connection to the server.
“mtr” logs OK with 0% failure over the links


from the server side, there is still a permanent cycle of successful connection requests followed by a timeout, followed by 5 minutes before a new connection request, followed by a timeout.

from your log files, the data packets being sent are immediately failing due to EAGAIN being returned from the socket write() command.

i would recommend you contact your ISP to figure out what could be going on here. for some reason, the data packets are not making it between your unit and the data server, the only explanation could be some device in-between the two computers that is causing this. while ‘mtr’ will describe connectivity between two machines, it will not necessarily accurately describe what could be happening across a specific port.

one thing you can try is to burn a new SD card to confirm no card corruption could be involved (though i highly doubt this is the case, hardware problems do not manifest themselves with these types of symptoms). the other test you can do is to take your unit and connect it to the internet from a different LAN, which is connected to the internet-at-large using a different ISP and see if there is any change in behavior.

hope this helps,