Station not in station view

Hi, cannot see my station in station view but can access it fine locally.
It is AM.RD8B4.00.[EHZ][HDF] in Singapore.
Log files attached.


RSH.RD8B4.2020-07-25T02 53 26.logs.tar (1.9 MB)

Hello klythgoe, welcome to the community!

From the logs, it seems that the ports 55555 and 55556 are closed for your network, and thus the Shake cannot transmit the data to our servers but it can be seen locally.

2020 204 17:02:26>>	Connection request ( failed with error code: Connection refused

You should open these ports using the Shake IP or MAC address that you can find in rs.local. If you are not the admin of your network, then you should ask to open the same ports. The full list is found here: