Station not appearing on StationView

RSH.R8FDC.2022-06-04T16_07_05.logs.tar (999 KB)

same problem as other have reported, which I know this thread is a bit out of date…but thought it might be better to use a similar thread than starting a new one?

Setup my raspberryshake on 31May2022, can see it on shakenet, but it still hasn’t shown up in Stationview. Any thoughts?

Hello DragonHogan, welcome to our community!

If the thread is really old, like the previous one, we prefer users to open a new one entirely, so that we can better track the evolution of eventual problems along the years. No problem at all, I have moved your issue to a new one so we can continue here.

Thank you for the logs. From them, nothing particularly wrong jumps out, and I wonder if there is something else that is preventing connection to our servers.

Could you please shut down the Shake, wait for ~5 minutes, turn it on again, wait for around ~30 minutes, and send me the new logs?

I would like to check if there is something blocking your data transmission with a fresh start, and compare this log set with the other one you sent me.

Thank you.

that appeared to work…thanks for the advice.


No problem at all, you’re welcome!

Sometimes all that is needed is just a single reboot.