Station name has changed

My station R7FF8_EHZ, went offline this Feb when a severe storm soaked the unit. I’ve only just put it back in operation and the data looks okay. However, the helicorder is displaying the trace as from R2AAD_EHZ. What now?RSH.R2AAD.2020-05-17T02 21 45.logs.tar (2.8 MB)



the station name is derived from the MAC address of the ethernet port. in this case, the ethernet port no longer exists, since i will assume it got fried in the flood and is no longer able to be brought up.

in the case of no ethernet interface, the system defers to using the MAC address of the WiFi interface to derive the station name, which is what is happening here.

your station is connected to the server and forwarding data under the new name. i must say i’m impressed that your unit is still working after a water incident, this is not typically how electronics respond.




It was originally setup by a friend to connect via WiFi. I’m
using the same modem as before. Nothing has changed.

When the Shake stopped working, it wasn’t actually underwater,
just soaked with water internally. I was still surprised to see it
producing data though.

If I change to a new modem, will the station name change again?

BTW, it is a WiFi modem and never had an ethernet port

Changing the modem won’t change the name. Changing the Pi will, however.

Hi Richard, my R-Shake RJ-45 port apparently passed away under the house, thank you for the email notification I was offline. (no network connection, one led light lit solidly and the other one off)
I think my question as to why my R-Shake has a new name has been answered in this string. I swapped out my Pi with another and it all appears to be working now.
My questions are, are there any implications on this name change?
Oh, and how do I remove the now Offline RDE64 station from the app?
Can the data be “linked” to my new station?
Thank You!

Pi’s are tough. I had one get several gallons of water dumped on it in a storm (ADSB aircraft monitor). Once dried out, worked perfectly. Still working today.



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Hello Kelly,

There are no implications regarding the name change. As stated, we have a particular naming convention for the Shakes

The StationCode is generated automatically by using the last 4 digits of the Raspberry Pi computer’s unique hardware address (commonly referred to as the 'MAC' address) and appending them to the letter 'R'.

So, when you change a Pi board, the name will change accordingly to the new MAC address.

I will contact our tech team to remove the old station from the list. Unfortunately, as of now the data cannot be linked to the new stream, but it’s still available online if you want to download it to keep it saved for any project: FDSN Web Services — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

Thank you, my Shake was a part of the original Kickstarter and it’s been running ever since1

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Awesome to hear that Kelly. Thank you again for your support! So good to hear that you are still having fun Shaking over 4 years after the original KS campaign!


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