Station missing in SWARM My Shake?

I seems as though I have lost SWARM feed and my station is no longer appearing in My Shake (please see attached screenshots). I have to go into the RS Community - All - Networks - AM - to find my shake station and display it, so I do know that my SWARM is running. But, I shouldn’t have to do this. My station should appear in My Shake? Any idea into what happened?
Thank you.

RSH.R21C3.2020-03-02T04_01_22.logs.tar (2.5 MB)


if i’m not wrong, i believe your IP addresses no longer match. i see in myshake.out that the IP address for the unit is, while your SWARM output indicates it is trying to connect to

any time your unit’s IP address changes, you must either:

  1. download SWARM again (as it is always configured to fetch from the current IP address), or
  2. edit the connection parameters for the myShake data source instance in SWARM yourself and update the IP address to the whatever the unit currently is

hope this helps,