Station book - Precision & Traceability

Dear all,

How is kept the traceability, positions and working periods of the stations, in the station book?. I think there is a problem transferring this information from RS “station configuration menu” to the final station book in the server. For example:

I downloaded station books from R1396 and R59E2 using this line in a script:

wget --no-check-certificate “$netw&sta=$station&level=resp&formatted=true&nodata=404” -O $station.xml

  • R1396 is active from November 2017 approximately, but channels Start_Date is:

Channel code=“EHZ” startDate=“2019-04-19T18:20:30.252” restrictedStatus=“open” locationCode=“00”

This line responds:

AM|R1396|41.48648649|2.260995055|159.0|Raspberry Shake Citizen Science Station|2019-04-19T18:20:30.252|

Why¿? This has no sense for me. This station has been always in the same place. But also the coordinates are not correct

  • R59E2 is a station that we use for teaching purposes and we deploy it in different schools. Each time we move it, we change its position in the RS config. This lines reports this movements:

AM|R59E2|41.45045045|2.199857442|46.0|Raspberry Shake Citizen Science Station|2019-03-09T20:37:43.556|2019-03-11T15:03:31.162
AM|R59E2|41.37837838|2.11330363|71.0|Raspberry Shake Citizen Science Station|2019-03-11T15:03:31.163|2019-03-12T17:05:09.685
AM|R59E2|41.40540541|2.186296498|24.0|Raspberry Shake Citizen Science Station|2019-03-12T17:05:09.686|2019-04-03T11:58:02.99
AM|R59E2|41.37837838|2.11330038|71.0|Raspberry Shake Citizen Science Station|2019-04-03T11:58:02.991|

But they are also no sense for us. We deployed it in 3 different schools on the following periods, coming after each one to our Institute (Base Camp):

2018-11-28 2018-12-11 - School1
2018-12-11 2019-02-18 - Base Camp - ICTJA-CSIC
2019-02-18 2019-03-11 - School2
2019-03-11 2019-03-15 - Base Camp - ICTJA-CSIC
2019-03-15 2019-04-04 - School3
2019-04-04 - Now - Base Camp - ICTJA-CSIC

These movements are not reflected in the station book. Movements in station book are approximately reflecting the return from school2 ¿? But coordinates reported are not correct, perhaps approximate, bun not precise at all …


Good morning Mario!

It was only a few weeks ago that we implemented the automated closing and opening of Epochs in the inventory-xml instrument response files. For the future, all changes to the metadata will be preserved.

Concerning accuracy of the coordinates, these public locations are obfuscated to ~1 km of the location you enter in order to protect your identity.

(For other readers, by “station book” Mario means the “metadata” or “instrument response file”.)

From Panama,


OK, thank you very much for your answer Branden. Good to Know…