"Stand Alone" meaning

I apologize for my denseness. but what is the meaning of the Stand Alone - On/Off option?

Hi Jerry, good question. From our manual:

When no internet connection is expected, the Raspberry Shake provides a stand-alone mode that is tailored for no internet access. That is, NTP services will be started, but the Shake will not expect to see the internet prior to setting the system time, and instead it will rely on GPS timing (if available).


Very good. So, under normal conditions (internet available) the Stand Alone should be in OFF condition.

Sorry for not reading the Manual, as it changes so often and interspersed with Lenox terms, I avoid reading. My bad, I guess.

That’s correct.

It’s okay, there’s a lot of information in there, since we have written the software to handle a lot of different situations!