Spotty Live Feed

Hi there.
I have been having an issue with spotty live feed from 2 seismometers. I have 6 total seismometers with 5 deployed in a remote location. There are 4 seismometers that are recording well with full data downloads. However, I have a seismometer that was giving spotty data and only 1/4 of the expected data downloaded. I replaced that seismometer with another one I had in the shop. I am still getting a spotty live stream and 1/4 of the data downloaded.

To troubleshoot the problem, I drove out to the location where 3/5 of my seismometers are located, and where the spotty seismometer is located. Not only did I switch out the seismometer, but I also changed out my cellular antennae, cellular modem, and the power converter between the battery and the seismometer. Does someone have any additional ideas to help troubleshoot my system?


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Hello Hannah,

Spotty data could be related to a multitude of things like (as you surmised) power or transmission-related issues. If you have the logs from the two “spotty” Shakes, I could give them a look and see what they can tell us.

If needed, you can find instructions on how to download them so on this page: Please read before posting!

Alternatively, you can download the entire content of the two Shake’s /opt/log folders via SSH, zip them, and post them here.