Sporatic data being shown when online

Since I reloaded my Shake 1D (RB969) it does not have consistent data showing.This started about the time your network was having massive issues. It reads a clip for a second every now and then. I’ve followed the setup and don’t see any errors. I’ll try to attach a screen shot of the helicorder to show what I see. Its pretty useless now. Its connected to the server and data sharing is on.ShakeData01062023

hi MichaelTN1,

thanks for the screenshots, this is very useful, since…

the helicorder display is created directly from the data on the instrument, having nothing to do with the server. so it’s not clear that the previous server issues are involved, directly or indirectly, with what you are seeing on your helicorder page.

if you could please download the log files and then upload them here, i would like to have a look at what might tell me about what’s going on on the instrument itself.

once i have those, we will be able to provide a better assessment of what the source of the problem is.

thanks in advance,

Attached is the log file for your reviewRSH.RB969.2023-01-06T19_57_09.logs.tar (6.6 MB)

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looking at the log files, the odf_SL_plugin.err file is repeatedly logging errors that the data being read off the serial port (being sent from the Shake board to the Pi computer) is corrupt. this can happen when the connection between the two has become loose, or the hardware has become corroded (in a humid setting, for example), or even that the connection between the geophone and the Shake board has become compromised.

some suggestions to address this:

  1. confirm all connections between the geophone, Shake board, and Pi computer are clean (free from dirt / dust, dry, not corroded) and well connected
  2. re-seat the Pi to the Shake board
  3. if you have one, try seating a different Pi to the Shake board to see if this causes a change in behavior

and then let us know what happens.

hope this helps,

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As there is a shortage of Pi’s, I don’t have another spare laying around and the cost to just see if that is the cause is not practical. I reseated the pcb a couple of times and checked the connections for everything inside the case. The system stays connected to a UPS and after reseating and rebooting I am still seeing the same result. Uploading a log file after reset, any further recommendations appreciated. Has anyone else had this issue? RSH.RB969.2023-01-11T19 09 57.logs.tar (3.6 MB)
Any chance I could get a loaner shake pcb with sensor attached for troubleshooting. I’d purchase it if that resolves the issue or return if not?

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Hello MichaelTN1, thank you for the new logs.

It appears that the issue is persisting, but I also wanted to recommend checking the power supply to the Shake. There have been instances in the past where lack of power supply (also due to a UPS in a couple of cases) was the root cause of data interruptions.

Please verify that your UPS is delivering at least 2.5A and between 5.0V and 5.2V to the Shake at all times. Also, if you have a spare power supply for Raspberry Pi (that you know to perform nominally), please try to power the Shake with those, and see, after all checks, if the data interruptions disappear or not.

Thank you for your collaboration in this.

I’ve placed it on a new official PI power supply, replaced the ethernet cable, moved it directly connected to my internet router. It still is displaying sporatic data. Attached is a new log after a reboot. RSH.RB969.2023-01-12T18 09 05.logs.tar (4.2 MB)

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Did you replace the microSD card ? Try formatting SD card, download image again and write image to SD card.

I’ve seen this on my raspi-shake after numerous power glitches due to aging cheap 5V power supply as well

as power outages. Looked like file corruption on my raspi-shake.

Some SD cards have lasted a year only before I replaced it.

Power cycling to clear problems sometimes corrupts SD card if it is in a write cycle.

If there was a way to run diagnostics on this it would stop a lot of guess work.

Hope this helps.

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Its a brand new SD card with a new image. It’s also the high endurance one, same as what had been replaced. Its a 167GB SD card.

Now I’m trying to reimage the SD card from the zip files. The card is partitioned and will not reimage. Which is the best alternate method to redo this SD card? I’ve used other SD card installation methods in the past. Is there another file I can use to overwrite the pi image that is partitioned on here? Its a new MLC card 16 GB but partition is showing 512 MB when I try to overwrite the zip file.

SD Memory Card Formatter 5.0.2 for SD/SDHC/SDXC

I use linux but sometimes the SD card becomes unusable until I reset it back to

factory like format.

I had an older version of the same, updated and ran it successfully. Thanks. Now back to the main issue.

Hello Michael,

If I understand correctly, you have re-burnt the microSD card with a clean version of the OS, but the issue has not gone away.

Could you please reboot the Shake, and then after waiting for ~30 min, download and send me the new logs? I want to make a comparison with the previous ones and see if this gives insight on the situation.

Thank you also for checking the power supply.

I think I’ve killed it now. I get a steady red and the blue led comes on. But now I don’t get activity on the ethernet link. I’ve burnt two different sd cards and no boot. I’ll take it apart and resest the boards and connect it direct to the hdmi port to see it there is any activity. I’m afraid the pi has died. None available at a reasonable price to try either… I’ll get back in a couple days.

As I’m sure you’ve verified that LAN cable, I think that your reasoning may be correct but it’s definitely better to be sure with further examinations.

I’ll wait for the results of your tests on the Pi.

Oh yes, on the lan cable, that was the first easy thing I checked. I initially had activity on both cables, but left a new one in place anyway.

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Raspberry pi ethernet port can be damaged by hot swapping LAN cable with power applied.

Power should be removed before changing any connections.

Wish they had designed the boards to be more robust.

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