Spectrogram of the past five minutes

Hi Ian i need another help from you. I would like to put Spectrogram of the past 5 minutes like this one yours (https://www.iannesbitt.org/media/shakedown/cronplots/NE.ORNO.00.HHZ.2019.182-spec.png?201907010353) on my webpage, like yours via Obspy. Is there aviable py code that I can use.
I have try everything from gour Github but no luck.

Thanks in advance…Marco


You’re getting into territory that requires software other than obspy to manage, and it’s specific enough that you’ll be on your own with it.

Try playing with the following script. It will require you to have a directory of miniSEED files, which you will need to manage using either an scp script that periodically copies the latest files from your Shake to the computer you’re running the script on, or some external application like Earthworm. I can’t help you with Earthworm but if you need help getting started, you can post on their forum to get help.

Make sure you read through the few comments I have at the top of the script to get an idea of inputs and outputs, and the directory structure that the script expects.

Good luck.

OK thanks Ian, i,ll try… Marco

I use Earthworm on a Pi server to manage and archive my data (4 stations) and it’s a very robust program once you get it to work. But it took some time and effort to figure out.

OMG! Earthworm? Gross. Please use FDSN Web Services!!!



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It only took me a few days of smashing my head against a wall to figure out! :upside_down_face:

Hi Ian. I solved the spectrogram with javascript. I have already done the stuff on my webpage and I am satisfied with the progress. I am just looking forward if is there solution to filter those trace or spectrogram with Low or High pass filter.
Thaanks anyway.
You can see the spectrogram on my webpage at: http://www.s52sk.com/kasiopeja/potresi.html

Regards Marco

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