Space junk over Melbourne

Hello, at approximately 1:37 AM space junk was seen over Melbourne and there was reports of a sonic boom. Is this what this is?

There was also something picked up on the EHZ channel at the same time, thoughts?


Definitely interesting traces, Matt. The first ones resemble the spectrogram pattern that I can see if I step too hard/too close to the Shake, but I remember reading the news about this junk re-entry.

Maybe @sheeny has seen the same on his instruments?


Interesting event, Matt.

It looks very different to the SpaceX Crew 1 Dragon Trunk Re-Entry that I captured last year. I recall witnesses nearer to the flight path than me describing multiple booms, but I only captured a prolonged, decaying HDF signal - not separate booms.

I looked for data on the mobile app 24 hour plot immediately when I heard about it, but I haven’t found anything. I understand the flight path was over Tassie, so probably too distant to detect with my set up.

Have you done the calcs to check that the signal coincides with the expected arrival time from the event and path?



I can not find an exact time but it was around aroud midnight so either of these circled signals could be it

I think it could be the first one judging by the EHZ channel as well? No idea

As for the flight path I am unsure how I could go about calculating that, do you have any tips on how I could do so?

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G’Day Matt,

I’ve been away from home on holidays, so limited internet access. Just home now.

I used to have a few websites for tracking re-entry data for space junk and satellites, but apparently I’ve lost the links when my desktop died. After some searching I’ve found one of the web sites:
however, there’s no listing for the re-entry of the Soyuz-2 Booster at 23:58AEST 7/8/23 (13:58UTC). Hmmm?

There is another site I’ll keep looking for as there’s one guy who works for Norad who produces the bulk of the predictions… I haven’t found it yet. Amazing how much you forget when you rely on links, and then the links aren’t available.

The Australian Meteor Reports Facebook Page has reports and videos of the re-entry. When I was flicking through on my phone a few days ago I thought someone had posted the ground path of the re-entry, but I can’t find it now, so I may have mistakenly though a ground path for a Starlink pass was the ground path for the re-entry. Though I have read that the re-entry was actually over Tasmania and the ground path I saw did that.

I’ll keep looking for the websites I’ve lost the links for, and let you know if I come up with the ground path for this re-entry in particular.



This may be of interest. The ground path appears to be over both Melbourne and Tassie:

It’s not just earthquakes that can shake your house. As we saw in Melbourne this week, atmospheric events like thunder and sonic booms often generate reports of seismic events.
Contact @seismo_steve if you want to know more about the meteor paper I flash up in the video.

— Adam Pascale (@SeisLOLogist) August 11, 2023



I thought I would add onto this instead of making a new post but I may have captured some other space object yesterday morning in the first few seconds of this video

Here are two signals that look kind of similar to that of the space junk re-entry

I’m starting to think it might have been the space junk after what I captured yesterday morning but I am still not 100% sure


I don’t know how this didn’t occur to me, I guess since it was the first clear night sky I’ve had since I got the weather camera but it was in fact the moon :upside_down_face: