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When I look at the source field for earthquakes in StationView, I only see third party agencies at the moment. Are earthquakes no longer identified via the Shakenet?
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Looks like a change was made so that the list only includes earthquakes with epicenters visible within the current map. Try clicking the world button and the list should expand to all world events. You could also move the visible map area to an area with earthquakes.

I already checked major quakes worldwide and found no entries with agency “raspishake”.


apologies for the late reply…

for the moment, solutions from country-specific and international agencies are always taken as preferred solutions over RS solutions. this is the result of a recent enhancement which allows the system to pass forward the actual agency providing the EQ solution.




FYI: there is a setting in the station view settings pull-down which controls this behavior:


  • when ON, the list of events will be filtered to display only those within the display area
  • when OFF, the list of events will be all events world-wide, and will not change if / when the display area changes zoom level



Your argument is becoming increasingly implausible. First, it is unacceptable to be informed about such serious changes only on request. Then it seems that you are earning money with our data and that operating the station is something like an average computer game for us, without being able to see that the data is being used for serious purposes and that the financial outlay is therefore worthwhile.
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hello again,

there seems to be yet more confusion about who we are, and what we do, as a company. but that’s okay, i am here to help and am happy to do so.

first, our obligations to you, the customer, are to:

  • as quickly as possible, fulfill your purchase order for an IoT device in the form of a low-cost seismometer, the only one of its kind available in the world; we do this rather well
  • honor the warranty and guarantee in case of a hardware failure, which happens very little

and that’s it. once the item has been received by you, you are free to do with it whatever you like. indeed, as can be seen here (in the forum) and elsewhere (academic research papers), over and over, our instruments have been, and continue to be, used in novel ways we never anticipated. this project has expanded, and has been more successful, than we could have ever imagined!

but, very much recognizing that a piece of clever hardware not having any supporting software is not so interesting, we are also very committed to providing all of the following:

  • all software necessary to run on the IoT itself to make it actually do something useful; this is provided for free for non-professional end-users
    • this also includes periodic updates to the IoT software, with the intent to improve the overall product and end-user experience, 20 updates so far and counting
  • all server-side infrastructure and software to capture and store the data when an end-user decides to connect their IoT to the R-Shake servers; this is provided for free
  • the web-based stationview app, the best in its class; this is provided for free
    • an aggregated list of EQ events from multiple agencies all over the world; this is provided for free
  • the web-based dataview app, the best in its class; this is provided for free
  • our mobile app providing access to all stations in the global network, as well as the aggregated event list described above; this is provided for free
  • access to all historical data residing on the R-Shake servers; this is provided for free
  • access to data streams (station channels) in real time; this is provided for $1 / month / channel, which reduces the costs to provide this service by exactly nothing
  • access to this forum, including technical support; this is provided for free
  • continued R&D to improve existing instruments and making new ones; this cost is 100% borne by us
  • (and probably more, branden will be sure to let me know… :upside_down_face:)

and not only is all of the above provided for free to all owners of a Shake IoT, these services are free to any person with a connection to the internet, no Shake purchase required whatsoever.

we receive zero funding from outside sources, and zero funding from governments or their agencies. the only funding we have ever received is through the few kickstarter campaigns we launched in the beginning years of our existence.

i glance back at what i’ve written above and what i find implausible is how we have managed to stay in business given that we invest so much money and time in so much product that we give away, it makes me wonder if we should have a new look at our business model.

in review:

  • we make no money off your data
  • we state very clearly that our services are subject to change, with or without notice, as we further develop and enhance our systems, both client- and server-side (see the license for details)
  • while we do have obligations to our customers (see above), you, in turn, have zero obligations to us; you are absolutely not required to connect your Shake IoT to our servers. but then, when you don’t do this, you lose the opportunity to utilize all of the free services and products listed above which allows you to play with and investigate your data in so many different ways.

as i mentioned recently in another post, if how we exist as a business does not conform to how you think we should exist, you are free to disconnect from the ecosystem at any time; how you operate your station is a choice for you to make, according to whether you think the financial outlay is worthwhile or not (i think it is, for what it’s worth). we, as a business, can do nothing more than be very clear about who and what we are, and how we do it, something i strive to be exceedingly clear about.

which i hope to have achieved here.

sincere regards,

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If you think, the problem is only misunderstanding on my side: My analyses bases on your announcements/marketing activities. You should harmonize your presentation and the content of your advertising.

For example:
Professional Solutions

Offering Real-Time Data

Detecting Earthquakes
“Access all the latest global earthquake events.
Stay up-to-date with one of the most complete lists of earthquake activity in the world and see thousands of events recorded on personal seismographs like yours.”

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