Sonic Boom?

Was this a sonic boom?

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Sonic booms don’t have S waves (S-waves don’t travel through fluids or gases like atmosphere) but this is definitely two of some kind of boom. My guess would be an explosion of some kind, maybe a mining charge given the timing. Do you have a mine near you?

I realize that and was just using the notation for looking at timings. There are no mines or explosions happening near here especially with the shelter in place orders in place. Even the nearby explosives test sites are shut down. I have done some research and the waveform from my shake has some indicators of precursor Raleigh, Air Coupled Raleigh, and direct airwave shock that has been associated with a meteor entry/explosion. That same Raleigh precursor would have also been seen by the boom infrasound as the smaller first pressure wave. See this paper on seismic observations of meteors

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It would be really neat to catch a meteor on infrasound. I think one big enough to be caught on RB would be widely reported by meteor guys. To me, your infrasound patter looks a lot like a door being opened and then closed a few seconds later. Is your RB indoors?

You have a lot of these …


The boom data is not mine. the data shown is from 3 separate sources at 3 separate locations. It is from another located a half a mile or so away. I do not know it’s install status. However combined with the seismic data from my shake and another shake 30 miles away it is compelling evidence it was a real event and not a door closing.

My observation was that the HDF trace has these things all of the time on a regular basis.

The trace with a single impulse up followed by a single impulse down is what you get when you open the door into the same enclosed space as the RB followed by closing the door. Whenever I see pairs of pulses 3-6 seconds apart I think “door”. And examining RC865 I see plenty of those.

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