Some Shakenet questions and La palma

I have two doubts about Shakenet functionality.

  • It is possible to configure the EQ source in Shakenet app as in Equinfo app?
  • I can’t see any event (untiI 5) from IGN agency in La Palma eruption.


Due to the current eruption of the volcano in La Palma, it would be of great interest to have data on the earthquakes either from the Spanish IGN agency or from any other.

AM.R6F15 is the closest shake to La Palma.

Unfortunately the temporary 9A network of 4 Trillium Compact seismometers on La Palma is a restricted network for realtime seedlink data.

The RSAM data is realtime on IGN IGN-LA PALMA-SIS however the RSAM on the week scale will jump around a little bit due to low pass filtering in the graph.

I have heard there are more seismic arrays on La Palma other than the 9A network with up to 32 sensors / tilt meters / GNSS stations tracking deformity, but I have not been able to verify or have seen any data.

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In Instituto Geográfico Nacional you can see sismic, deformation and tilt data.
In eqinfo it´s possible to se IGN data but no in

Hello jaalamillos22,

Thank you for contacting us about this. Regarding your first question, no, it is not possible to change the EQ source, and the events that you can see are the ones detected by every Shaker that has an online unit around the world and collaborates to our network.

Regarding the usage of IGN data (welcome to our community jjalonsob!), the link provided by dallasquake is the one I would recommend too, which shows all the data they currently provide publicly.

Thank you all for your answers.

Some other Url,s of IGN: