Solved: EQVIEW down?

i can not reach the server for days. I only see: Get events Could not reach server, try again in 10s.
Kind regards

Hello jheiler,

I can see the EQView page fine from its address so I was not able to replicate your issue.

Could you please post a screenshot of what you see so we can proceed from there? Thank you.

Please see encl. the screenshot.

Thank you jheiler,

I tried to re-create your issue on my pcs (and asked a verification from our software team), but everything seems to be fine on this side.

Try the following things to see if the situation ‘unblocks’:

  1. CTRL-F5 to clear the cache -on Win, or Apple-R (command-r) -on Mac
  2. try on a different browser
  3. try in a private tab
  4. try on a different computer

This seems a local issue where your browser cannot reach our server to get the data and display the page successfully.

I need to change my privacy settings in the browser. Actually this is a problem for me.