Small DLF Quake in Germany

Encl. is a self-created report about a small DLF (magmatic) quake in Germany (identified by a public service), Magnitude 1.6, depth about 37 km, Distance from my station about 15 km.

The dormant volcano Laacher See is located in the near.

Is there a chance to identify such quakes with a shake with regard to the depth?

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magma_mendig_20220401.pdf (1.1 MB)

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A very interesting approach jheiler, congratulations for the report!

It is always preferable to have more than a single seismic data source, as I’m sure you have already thought, but googling around I found these links that could give you a start on the depth analysis you have mentioned:

Determining the Depth of an Earthquake | U.S. Geological Survey.

Thank you for your answer.
I have formulated this incorrectly:
Is it possible to measure signals in the depth of 40 km with the Raspberry Shake?

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Hello jheiler,

No problem at all. Ah now I understand, thank you for the clarification.

To answer your question, yes, without issues if the signal from the earthquake is strong enough to be seen above your local background noise. That is the only limiter to an event wave detection, and that is why we advise to locate the Shakes in the less “noisy” possible location, as I am sure you can imagine. Our Shakes have been able to see even very deep 500+km depth events, in case of M6-7+ quakes, if I remember correctly.