Site running but Reporting "Not Connected"

I had two internet failures in my area over the ast week. I got an automated message frrom RS to say you hadnt seen me on line for a while. I had not been looking but guess when the internet went down so did my RS3D AM.R0BBA.00.EH[Z,N,E] and maybe it idnt come back automatically after the inter net was restored. I have shut down my site, powered down the mains and disconnected the Ethernet cable. 2 to 3 min later powered up,ans reconnected to the internet then re-booted my RS3D and it saye it is connected and all running ok but when I look on line at my traces there are none and reports to me Site not connected. Here are the log files.Can you help me please. Thank you Garry NZ RSH.R0BBA.2021-02-07T01 59 18.logs.tar (2.6 MB)

I have just checked my traces at 07:43 UTC time and all is running normal. that is soo good so lets see if we keep running.

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Hello Garry,

Thank you for reporting this and for the logs. From them, nothing appears out of place, and the Shake seems to perform nominally, as it should.

I can see it live streaming data both on StationView and on the ShakeNet App, so whatever caused the issue, your re-boot took care of it.

Thank you for reporting this!

Hi and thank you for your reply.