Site down?

Is it just me or do none of the web apps work? First EQ Sound stopped working, then no stations in Station View had data displayed on the map and now it won’t even load at all. Data View kind of works but only in 24 hour display, nothing loads in live view. I’m confused as no one else is reporting these issues so is it just me?

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I just tried the mobile app and that doesn’t work either

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Hello Matt,

Yes, we currently have an issue that is causing a data display delay on the following Raspberry Shake services: StationView, DataView, and the ShakeNet App.

We are working to find the cause and fix it as soon as possible so that all connected stations will appear online again as they should.

Thank you for your notification, and apologies for any inconvenience.

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All good! Thanks for letting me know, I was going crazy trying to figure out if it was something with my network or not haha


No problem at all Matt!

If you haven’t already and use Twitter, you can also follow our main Raspberry Shake account (, where we report anything that is going on (among our usual content) on our servers if such issues appear.

Just to inform that all server-side issues have been found and fixed.

Thank you for your patience while we were solving this.

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Thought I’d add this here instead of making a new topic, are their any issues with the EQ Sound app currently? Before mine arrived I’d use other peoples station data to get sound files of earthquakes but when I try use mine it never works

Looking at the console I get the error so I’m guessing it’s an issue on your guys end

Hello Matt,

Thank you for this notification. I have just tested my and some other random stations, and I was able to reproduce the issue.

I have opened a ticket for our server team, and they will take a look at this.

I will update you as soon as the fix is in place. Thank you again!

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Hello again Matt,

As promised, EQSound is back online and working again. Enjoy!