Shakeview does not expand to view local station

Some weeks ago I was able to expand the view for Stationview to the level that I could see my local station and others in my state. The website now does not let me do a two finger draw to expand the view. What has changed to remove this feature? The only expand I can operate is the window size up to 300%, which does not afford me the view that worked formerly. There is not a + - to expand the view either.


can you provide some more details? computer type, OS and version, and browser.

nothing has changed in this regard, i can use my mouse wheel on my desktop computer and zooming works the same as it always has.



Firefox, Chrome or IE and Edge browser, computer running windows 10 with all current updates. Formerly you could drag and expand the station view browser down to the local view of stations, see the color of the activity status and click on it to see the local station view live feed. At the time of this original post, that feature has disappeared. The website is here: .
Suggest you close the site, as its not beneficial to users now. I can only expand the page to 300% using just the browser, which does no good to view stations.

No, No, No!!!
It still works as it always has for me.
Please don’t close it.

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Would you mind sharing some details? Trying to get a little traction on getting this fixed.

In the view, formerly the “pinch method” would expand the map to drill down to the local station. This is the feature that has disappeared for me. The page itself is still there. I can get to it from the dashboard view, by going to my station. Still the pinch expand does not function in the browser.

hi michael,

sorry about the frustrations. i can confirm i have too seen this on my phone, using firefox, that sometimes the two-finger pinch-to-zoom method seems to only magnify the screen’s contents instead of actually zooming in on the map. i have not entirely figured out when this works one way and when the other.

on the other hand, on my desktop computer using a mouse wheel, this works 100% all the time. but when i do an explicit magnify action with the keyboard (CTRL-+), the screen’s contents are magnified and the triangles are not resized.

so, the trick is to convince your browser, or your computer, that when you pinch-to-zoom you are zooming instead of magnifying. and, like i said, i have not figured out how to get the computer (phone, tablet, laptop with track-pad, etc.) to tell the difference between the two.

but, you should know, this functionality has not been in any way modified by us, since, in fact, this is browser- and computer-side functionality first. we don’t have any control over how this action is interpreted client-side, unfortunately.

one suggestion i would make is convince yourself of this fact by using a mouse-wheel (when possible) to zoom in if nothing more than to see that the functionality you are looking for really is there.

and / or, try your pinch-to-zoom method on a different device and see if you get different results.

let us know how it goes,


Then it’s possibly a browser compatibility checker issue. Have the browser check ran by the developers. I get the same on an android device with either chrome or Firefox.

I have found a workaround in Firefox (this is mouseless, which laptops don’t have a mouse). You have to double click on any station over and over to drill down and drag the map to the area of interest. Then you can select an individual station. Its just that there is no ± to change the view.