Shake's IP not discoverable through Fing. Cannot access rs.local page

I’m having problems connecting my RS to our office network through ethernet cable. I followed the Quick Start Guide , but somehow I still cannot get the rs.local page to show up.

All the lights in my RS device are showing up, so I am not sure what the problem could be. I’ve been trying to connect the cable to my router through both WAN and LAN ports.

I have tried playing with the configuration of other RS devices in the past through rs.local with no issue.

When I try to connect the cable to my PC and ping my RS, this shows up:

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Hello halp0, and welcome to the community!

Starting from your last point, when you connect the Shake directly to a computer via its Ethernet cable, you have to modify your PC IP range to the Shake Discovery one so that the two can see each other. You can find all the info here: Discovery IP

Can you also do the following (as you mentioned the lights)? Please turn off the Shake, disconnect its power supply and Ethernet cable, wait for a couple of minutes, then reconnect the Ethernet cable and its power supply in this sequence, and turn the Shake on again.

Do the LEDs on it behave in the way described here? Technical Specifications Or, do they differ at some point?

As you are trying to connect it to an office network, you may need the help of your local IT administrator. As offices (like schools) have increased protection and firewall protocols, my recommendation would be to go to your campus’ IT department and ask them for assistance. They’ll know the local network inside and out and should be able to point you in the right direction.

It may be necessary to add your Shake IP (or MAC, or both) address(es) to their allowed lists so that you can see it via rs.local/ or its IP address on your computer in the same network. If you want to check that the Shake is in working order, you can bring it home and temporarily connect it to your local router, and it should appear fast on your network list.