ShakeNet view from App on Desktop

Is there a way to get the same display that I see on the ShakeNet app on a desktop? On the app I can see my location, the distant location with the earthquake and the waveforms below. I can not seem to find a way to see this on my desktop computer.

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Hello jimg, welcome back to our community.

As of now, the best way to do what you have in mind would be to install BlueStacks - - (or any other preferred phone emulator software), log in with your account, and you can then download (and use) our ShakeNet app on your PC. I haven’t tested this, so it may not work, but it’s worth a try.

The App is dedicated to smartphones and tablets, while on PC we have available more extensive tools such as StationView and DataView among the others.

Let us know if this worked!

Thank you for your quick reply. I appreciate the guideance. I will message here after I try bluestacks.

I downloaded bluestacks. Bluestacks installed OK. Found ShakeNet. Installed it successfully, but it does not run. After I click on the ShakeNet icon in Bluestacks, the ShakeNet splash screen displays for a moment and then I am sent back to the Bluestacks desktop. No worries.

If you have Windows 11 you can try using Windows Subsystem for Android™️, it uses the Amazon AppStore, and I don’t know if the app is available there, but there are some methods to install apps from Google Play Store or by apk files.


Hello jimg, thanks for the feedback nonetheless. On my system works, but it may be because I have Win11?

Otherwise, the solution proposed by YacineB is also a valid alternative.

Perhaps a new Windows machine is the right thing to do (for this reason and others).

Yes, that could also be an option, having the latest upgrades can save a lot of headaches (not always, but often…).