ShakeNet pasted from your clipboard

ShakeNet app version: 1.4.12
OS: Android
Phone: Pixel 5, Pixel 8

I’ve always been curious why the ShakeNet app fleetingly reports “ShakeNet pasted from your clipboard” when launched if there is data in the clipboard. Why is it apparently collecting clipboard data and what is it doing with it? Finally managed to get a screenshot.


Hello Hadders,

This is interesting, thank you for taking the time to get a screenshot of the small message! I’ve never observed it personally, but I think it may be related to saved earthquake image exports.

I will ask our app team for more details, and update you as soon as I know more. Thank you again.


Hello Hadders,

I have updates from our app team, listed below:

  1. What you have highlighted is a known bug in one of the libraries being used by our ShakeNet mobile app, and we are already working to have this properly addressed in a near-future update
  2. You can rest assured that no user/personal data other than the ShakeNet login information is sent off the mobile app to our servers.

Thank you very much for your feedback on this.

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Thank you Stormchaser. To see this you may need to enable “Show clipboard access” in Settings → Security and privacy → Privacy (Android 14).


Hello Hadders,

Thank you for the further feedback and for showing the way this message can be toggled on/off. It is indeed a privacy option that appeared on Android 12/13 (I don’t remember precisely when).