ShakeNet Mobile App not streaming data from any location

Since early today (about 13:00 UTC), no sensor data has been available for any sensor using the ShakeNet Mobile App. Same sensors do stream data from website dashboards…so it looks like the link to the Mobile App server is down. It’s been working great for the last several days with only a few hiccups, but today is down all day.


we are aware of the problem and are vigorously looking into it, you can be assured.

at the moment, the service is intermittently available and unavailable, though mostly available.

once a solution is applied, or more interesting information is known, i will report back.

apologies for the inconvenience,


Data available in StationView web and Swarm but not in EQInfo or ShaleNet Apps, I guess it is the same problem :slight_smile:

hi mario,

perhaps that was temporary from your location? i am streaming data just fine in the shakenet mobile app:

  1. streaming data is fine on myShake page
  2. helicorder loads fine on same page
  3. event data for a selected station loads data as expected

you experienced this with several stations, or a specific unit?


Still same problem as Mario… ShakeNet mobile app is now at least intermittent, but mainly no live streaming for any station. Oddly, sometimes helicorder chart can update, but still not have streaming for the same station. Swarm and website streaming works fine, though.

Hi @kdoss @mario, we are working on solving this issue as soon as we can (see reply below). Thanks for reporting.