shakeNet Login problem

For some reason (I am sure it is something simple) I can’t login to ShakeNet most of the time. I have 4 all in one touchscreen computers, fairly new and I can login on one today but the next day I can’t. I click login it goes to the next screen where you input you username ans password.This happens on all the computers. I use the right email address.It goes to the next screen but the login button is still there and I am not logged in.
I am using Windows 10. I have reinstalled win 10 and have ver 1809 and 1903 on the computers.

Now right after I reinstall windows I can login to Shakenet but after few days I can’t.

I can boot into linux and can login into ShakeNet every time with no problem.

I use firefox most of the time.I did try edge but no go either. I have tried with chrome and opera browsers and the same thing happens.
I have even reinstalled Windows on 2 computers and can login.The next day it won’t login.

Something easy to fix I am missing.
I can open rs.local with no problem it is ShakeNet I am having the problem with
Swarm runs on all the computers fine and I can login the forum fine.

I think maybe this has happen to other people one time or another.ShakeNet is the only place I am having this login problem.

While I am typing, I really love my Rs Shake.It is running flawless and no problems at all with it.I just need to move it to a more solid place.Which I will soon and order another one before the summer is gone.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Forgive me if I posted this in the wrong place,

It is possible there’s a bit of a delay to have your login data resolved and the login button no longer being displayed. Are you waiting for a couple of seconds before clicking the login button again?

The reason I say this is because the forum uses the same login system, which means you are being logged in successfully.