ShakeNet Login Issue

RSH.RB0FB.2021-01-06T22_40_56.logs.tar (2.2 MB)

My 3 Model B is configured and properly recording. Through the server interface I can access helicorder displays. When I go through the interface to ShakeNet, however, and then MyShake, there is a notice that I do not have a Shake installed yet. I have checked my registration emails and have used the same address on ShakeNet and in the Shake.

Hello andy,

Thank you for sending your logs. From them, as you said, it appears that everything is fine and the Shake is correctly configured and streaming data to our servers, visible both on the ShakeApp and StationView.

Regarding ShakeNet, instead, I can see that you have confirmed your email address correctly. But there is a small discrepancy that is sending everything askew:

  1. Shake unit email ends in eduy
  2. ShakeNet registration email ends in edu

Please go back to the Shake configuration screen, update your email address, and then click on the SAVE AND RESTART button at the bottom.