Shakenet app feature request

Can you consider another sort option to sort by date AND magnitude? I believe this would be a useful sorting option. Thanks.


This is a very interestig suggestion K2PI, thank you for reporting it to us!

I will open a ticket for our app team, so that they will be able to consider it for the next releases.

Thank you Stormchaser!


Hi Stormchaser and K2PIC3PO, this is Godzilla Snot over? Is there a release date yet for the next Raspberry Shake App? This current beta version seems to be having its troubles. I heard it was going to be in the next 2 weeks. I am having trouble with posting anything to my earthquake group due to accuracy concerns. Over? Godzilla Snot out.

Hi Eric,

I cannot help you. I am not associated with the Raspberry Shake team in any official capacity, and am just a hobbyist like you. Hopefully Stormchaser can help.

By the way, K2PI is just my amateur radio callsign, and is part of my username, so the system tags my postings that way. My name is Bob, which I have no problem using :).



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Hello Eric,

as Richard already answered you, there will be an update in the upcoming two weeks, hopefully. A full changelog of corrected bugs and features will be available when the new version will go live.

Thank you for your interest.

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