ShakeNet App does not work on my Android phone

I cannot login to the ShakeNet App on my mobile phone, my O.S. It is Android version 7.
I have checked my ShakeNet login on the PC and they are the same that I enter in the mobile App.
I have cleared the cache, deleted and reinstalled the App. I have given all the permissions to the App, and neither.

I have tried another Android phone version 11 and the App works fine.
My mobile no longer allows updating to a higher version. Can I have an alternative other than mobile phone exchange? :smiley:

Hello AlvarG,

Thank you for reporting this issue with Android v7 to us. I suspect that it is caused by the older Android version, as you have already tested, the newer one works fine, and the credentials on ShakeNet are the ones you are using.

My colleague has described this situation to our app team, and I will get back with their aswer and advice as soon as they will have analyzed the problem.

For now, I can advise you to use the app on the newer Android phone, or a tablet if you have one. In alternative, you can download one of the Android emulators available online (Bluestacks, to give an example) and use the app on your computer.

Ok, I’ll wait to see if there is a solution soon.