ShakeNet app data sources

Is it possible to please add the data sources from Kazakhstan National Data Center (KNDC) and the Earthquake Observation Division of Thailand (TMD) to ShakeNet? There are numerous earthquakes that occur in western China (especially here), northwestern Thailand, and Andaman Islands region that are reported by these data centers but do not appear on the ShakeNet app list. For me, adding these data sources to ShakeNet will be very vauable for earthquake anaylsis as my school seismology team begins to build our educational seismic network (THIS-ESN) throughout China. I also plan to get my Shake in Thailand up and running again, plus hopefully add a few more. THANK YOU!!!

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Hello mrbrunt, and welcome back to the community!

This is an interesting suggestion! Let’s see what our team thinks about it and how we could proceed regarding this matter.

I will report back when we have more news.