Shake4D Relocation

Hi all,
Early in 2019 I had to shut down my Shake4D due to I’ll health and selling my house and moving to a new part of Tasmania.
Back then I asked the question, what steps should I take when I finally get around to setting up the Shake4D at my new location.

I followed the instructions back then to ensure I shut it down corrently and over the next week I will have my Shake4D housed in a new vault and ready to start up again.
I am just double checking that there has been no change to the restart procedure before I start it up again, from memory it is still at software update 0.14 and I see 0.18 is now the latest.

kind Regards,
Beaumaris (North East Coast Tasmania).

hi tony,

nope, there’s nothing to do except plug it into an internet connection, turn it on, and wait a few minutes while it auto-updates to version 0.18. quickly after booting, you can proceed to the front-end configuration interface and watch the versions change as it updates. once it arrives at v0.18, it will then start all processes as before.

once it’s up and running, don’t forget to go to the settings page and update your location, and then ‘save and restart’ to guarantee that the server registers this change.

hope you’re well, and enjoying your new home.


Hi Richard, thank you for the quick response greatly appreciated.
Thanks matey, yes getting there slowly, although still getting used to this retirement thing :-). Loving the new location thank you.
Kind Regards,

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Up and running again, had some issues with trying to change the location.
Did some extensive searching and as a result found that my issue was same as to what others have had in the past. Because I had changed the default Password it would not let me change any of the required inputs. Had to revert to default password, then it let me change New Location etc. Then I changed Password again.
I have also found that the new location is producing too much noise and will need to re position to a better location onsite, we have very sandy loam environment and bedrock is beyond reach, too far down. We are also approx 200 odd metres from a pounding surf beach, so my vault is going to be difficult to achieve for best results.
Kind Regards,

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