Shake v.18 software on RPi Zero W possible?

I’ve been unsuccessful in installing v.18 of the Shake software on a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Is this no longer possible due to software changes? Has anyone been successful?

I’ve tried multiple SD cards, power cables, etc. The install procedure works fine on an Pi 2 B+.

For the Zero W, the green light keeps blinking (SD card access), as if something is happening, but never finished (even after several hours). Neither WiFi nor Ethernet is active, so I can’t log in via SSH nor can I check the log files…

Any suggestions?
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An update: no resolution yet.
Attached are the log files extracted from the SD card on another Linux machine. The ‘postboot.log’ seems to show that the Shake can’t reach the router and the DNS to resolve the address. I’ve checked the Ethernet adapter -it connects fine on a Pi Zero running both Raspian Buster and Stretch.
Could this be a timing issue in the way the Shake v18 software brings up the network services? This same setup and configuration has worked fine with Pi Zero Ws and earlier versions of the Shake software.
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if you can log in, you should enable WiFi modules in the file /opt/settings/suser/enable-wifi.conf. when wanting to connect to Wifi, you should also make sure that the SSID and PW are properly defined in file /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf. also, add auto wlan0 to the file /etc/network/interfaces.

WiFi modules are disabled by default and need to be enabled. a future release will look to be more intelligent about this when no ethernet interface is found.

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Thanks Richard, but that is/was the problem: no connection is possible with either Ethernet or WiFi with the v18 software image.

I did find a work around: I located a backup of the v.15 Shake software; this version allows an Ethernet connection and SSH login. I watched and waited while the software automatically updated to v.16, v1.17, then v.18. At that point I could add my WiFi credentials in the wpa_supplicant.conf and restart in WiFi mode.

So, in summary: the v.18 software works with a Pi Zero W if updated from an earlier version, but does not connect to Ethernet when installed from the GitLab image.


aha! this is very good information and feedback, thanks for the report and effort in understanding this.

version 0.19 will be coming out in the coming weeks and this will definitely be fixed in the downloaded image.


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