Shake says connected, ShakeNet says offline

Hi all,

So just setup a shake (AM.R4F67) and while I can get data from it and it says it’s online connected, etc. ShakeNet lists it as offline. I have a pihole, if there’s potential of blocking being the issue.

Anyway, logs are attached. Any suggestions on where to debug would be great, thanks.



RSH.R4F67.2021-03-07T00_55_35.logs.tar (104 KB)

Appears to be there marked as online now, just not showing in station view.

Hello Alan,

Thank you for the logs. From them, nothing appears out of place, and your station is now visible online on the ShakeNet App and on StationView, here: RS StationView

Sometimes it can take up to 24/48h before a new station is visualised, we are working to improve this.


Online now, Alan, as I advised in the other thread. I also run a Pi Hole and didn’t have to change anything at all for the Shake to work.



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Hi Bob,

Thanks, this was in the myshake thing in the app rather than the listing. I could locally connect and get data, it had been providing it in myshake, then it said it was offline. Though now it’s just the app that has issues, actually, scratch that. I logged out of the app, then cleared cache, and logged back in and it’s fixed.



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