Shake owner request to owner contact via shake #

Is there a way to chat with anotherShake operator to just discuss their setup, and there honbies[quote=“wminarik, post:1, topic:3110, full:true”]
This morning (a Tuesday) there was a small earthquake detected just to the NE of the island of Montreal, Quebec, Canada:

The earthquake was detected on three Shakes in the city (two are run by members of the McGill University community) (a fourth is in a high-noise area). The location from Earthquakes Canada is shown as the small red dot near l’Assomption.

Despite the noise of the city on a weekday morning, the small (magnitude 2.6 MN on the Nuttli scale for Eastern Canada) was clearly detected. The location determined from the Shakes is close to that of the government broadband stations, but clearly we need more Shake stations to the east of Montreal.

Two hours later another temblor was detected on the Island. But in this case it’s likely that this was a blast at the limestone quarry located on the east side of the Island of Montreal (red dot near Montreal Est). It was recorded as a magnitude 2.1 MN shake.

Detection of these small earthquakes will help define the seismic hazard to the city of Montreal; where historically large (magnitude 5+) earthquakes have occurred, all before instrumentation and in a tectonic plate interior.

These studies are only possible due to the great work and software of the Raspberry Shake team!


P.S. If the owner of R82E1 would be willing to get in touch with me, I’d like to know more about the placement of your Raspberry Shake.


I am not the station owner, but the Community / Members portal on the main Shakenet page allows you to search for station owners. In this case, R82E1 is owned/operated by Guillaume Primeau.

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Hello Rixtalbert, and welcome to the community!

As you can imagine, we cannot publicly divulge any user’s email due to privacy rules.

What I can do, however, is to personally send an email to him, linking this topic and including your email. So that, if he wants to reply back, he can do it as soon as he can.

Would that be ok with you?

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I have had the need to contact another station owner in the past. I suspect that many people may have, but it hasn’t been important enough to ask you (@stormchaser) to spend your time on it.

A suggestion for future consideration:

  • On my account, a flag indicating that I am willing to receive notification that another user wishes to contact me.
  • On my device page, if I have indicated willingness to receive notifications of contact, a small form for whoever wants to contact me to enter their email address and a subject line, forwarded to me by email.

It would be up to me to reply or not.


That’s very interesting feedback Philip, and definitely worth considering.

I’ll pass it, as usual, to our team to see what can/needs to be done to implement such a feature for users on ShakeNet.

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