Shake OS v0.19 image has been released!

The new Shake OS v0.19 image has been released!

It is possible to find it here on our GitLab repository: raspberryShake-public / Raspshake Sd Img · GitLab

The instructions on how to install it on your Shake microSD card are in this file in the same repository: raspishake-microSD-card-software-Instructions.txt · main · raspberryShake-public / Raspshake Sd Img · GitLab

And, to conclude, this is the complete list of improvements and bug fixes that v0.19 will bring to all our users:


  • Provide fallback DNS servers when DHCP-provided servers fail
  • Identify serial port name (to Shake board) automatically instead of relying on Pi revision numbers. This fixes the problem when new Pi versions are released, but Shake-OS didn’t know about them yet.
  • Non-essential services are disabled to tighten potential security holes, i.e, this disallows unneeded network connections
  • Better WiFi management
  • Better exception logging throughout the Shake-OS
  • FE-config: better password management

Bug Fixes

  • GPS clock management now handles the case when GPS clock lock is delayed after system boot-up.
  • GPS: guarantee that ipv6 bindings are always turned off (since ipv6 is turned off at the OS leavel)

This release also includes many under-the-hood improvements and general maintenance modifications. As well, infrastructure modifications in anticipation of the next releases.

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