Shake not visible on the map after 4 days

I have a Shake R13D2 and a Boom R667B and live in the Cayman Islands.
Because of some hardware WiFi problems I had to swap the Raspberry Pi boards between both units.

This happened about 4 days ago but I still cannot see Shake R667B on the map at

SWAMP Shows:
R667B HDF AM grayed out
R667B SHZ AM not grayed out which is correct.

The web interface shows:
Data Producer : ON
Data Consumer : ON
Stand-Alone : OFF
Data Forwarding : ON
Server Connection : Connected

The log files are attached, I have rebooted the Shake several times but that did not help.

How do get my shake R13D2 back on the map?

RSH.R667B.2020-09-12T19_16_36.logs.tar (1.1 MB)

Ruud van der Pluijm
Grand Cayman

Hello ruudvdp,

So, to make sure I have understood the situation as it is: you swapped the Pi boards between the two instruments, and now you have the R667B (which is the Shake) greyed out on the map, and the R13D2 (which is the Boom) not visible at all. Is this right?

Can you please post the logs for the Boom too? So we can take a wider look at the situation of both units? Thank you.

HI Stormchaser,

Thanks for getting back to me.

The Boom logs are attached.

The situation is as follows:

On the Boom is visible with its “old” name R667B

On the Shake is not visible at all.

The web interface through the IP address works correctly for both and shaws the correct “new” names., see attached png files.

The Raspberry Pi board in the boom is an older version with an external WiFi Adapter, worked correctly in the shake but it looks like it does not communicate correctly with the boom board, see attached helicorder file. But that is another problem.

The Boom is not important for me but I like to get the Shake working correctly again.

Best regards,

Ruud van der Pluijm



Phone +1 345 947 9956

RSH.R13D2.2020-09-13T15_32_20.logs.tar (2.8 MB)

No problem, thank you for explaining the steps you have undertaken in the whole process.
In the database I am now seeing the following units associated with your account:

R13D2 as a RBOOM
R667B as a RSHAKE

so this corresponds to what you are seeing in local with the two units. Since the Shake is more important to you, let’s start with that one.

From the logs of the Shake it seems that in the past you had some connection problem that prevented the NTP (the time synchro service) to start properly, but now they seem to have been automatically solved.

To check that you can reach the internet and our servers, can you try to SSH into the Shake by entering this command in a prompt (with admin authorisation):

ssh myshake@

I took the IP address from your screenshot. Naturally, if during the configuration you have changed the password, you should input that one, and not the provided default (which is shakeme).

Once you are in, can you try and ping the following addresses?

  • ping -c 10
  • ping -c 10

The first one is the Google server, while the second is our data server. The two commands will execute the exchange ten times, and your expected result is a 0% packet loss for both instances.

I’ll wait for you to try this before going forward.

Giuseppe Petricca

All 3 commands worked correctly 0% dataloss so all is ok.

Yes, I had communication problems with the shake in the past that’s why I swapped the boards. The shake now has the Model 3 B+ board and uses the internal WiFI which works fine. I probably have to get a new Raspberry Pi board for the Boom but that will take a while.

Thanks for your help.

Ruud van der Pluijm


Phone +1 345 947 9956

Ok, that’s definitely good news on the connection side.

No problem at all. I can now see both stations on StationView, greyed out, but it can take a while before they appear fully online on our servers, so for now we can wait.

It seems that the other Pi board, with the external wifi module, didn’t like something, difficult to say what. I had to change one of mine for a similar reason some time ago.

No problem, we are here if needed.
Giuseppe Petricca

Okay, I’ll wait a few days and check again and will let you know the result.

Thanks again for your help.

Ruud van der Pluijm


Phone +1 345 947 9956

Both the Shake and the Boom are back at Stationview with the correct names, so all is okay.

Thanks for your quick response.

Ruud van der Pluijm



Phone +1 345 947 9956