Shake not recording EQs anymore and ShakeNet app concerns

How do I properly shutdown to restart the Raspberry Shake? I think I may need to restart it? For some reason it seems that I’m not picking up earthquakes anymore. Recent events in which I should have received, I have nothing. At this time I no longer have a laptop connect to my shake, but I hope to get a new laptop soon so that I can again utilize SWARM and jAmaSeis.
So, I am only relying on the ShakeNet app which appears to be indicating problems as well. The shake appears to be frequently timing out and I am receiving a lot of sharp spikes (see attached image) and some are quite huge. The one in the image is probably medium size compared to other ones.
As well as the image, I am providing log file to you…thank you.

RSH.R21C3.2020-08-13T23_29_16.logs.tar (3.7 MB)


i had a look at the log files and don’t find anything out of normal. and when i look at your data using swarm, fetching the data directly from the data server,, the data looks normal to me (see below). is it possible you can use swarm to connect to the data server and see what it displays for you?

even stranger, when i pull up your 24-hour plot in the mobile app, i again see okay data and no spikes, screenshot attached below.

there was an update to the mobile app in the last couple of days, can you confirm you are using version 1.2.0?