Shake intermittently stopping

Hi. My shake ( AM.R9A9D) has been intermittedly stopping over the last few months. Most recently, it stopped working around the 13th July. I have been away, and just managed to reboot this morning and get it operating again. It is using a Pi Zero W. It is set up outside, and i have previously had issues with the power supply, however, I checked the voltage this morning and it is sitting at 5.0V. I was wondering if anyone could look at my log files and see if they can shed any light onto the issue. I have tried without success. many thanks. Gerard

RSH.R9A9D.2022-08-08T07 32 54.logs.tar (4.2 MB)

Hello gerard, welcome back to the communty.

Thank you for posting the logs from your Shake. From them, it appears that in some occasions, the Shake loses connection to the NTP time synchronization servers, as these lines show:

2022 192 14:09:52>>	Time adjustment M0: HARD RESET.  This will result in a one-time time-tear.
2022 192 14:09:52>>	5.0: NTP Time (Init): NTP:	1657548591.350769043
2022 192 14:09:52>>	5.2: NTP Sync (HARD): VEL Before: 1657548590.142999887	After: 1657548590.309999943	Diff: 0.167000055

Without this connection, the time between what the Shake records and our servers cannot be aligned with sufficient precision, and thus this is the likely reason for the intermitten transmissions.

The only thing I can recommend is to check if the signal from your modem/router is still reaching the Shake nominally (with another device like a smartphone in the same area, to see the signal strenght) and also if there have been some power fluctuations in your local grid that your power supply (thank you for checking this already) could not adjust for. I say this because, recently, I had to change my router as, with no apparent reason, its wifi signal strenght continued to drop and drop leaving half of the house without connection.

I don’t see anything else that appears to be out of place. If the event happens again, could you please download the logs before you reboot it, or just after that, so that I can make a comparison between the two sets and see if I can spot something off? Thank you.

Thanks very much for taking the time to look into this. I should have said, when the system has gone down, I am not even able to access rs.local. So it is not just a loss of connection. However, I suspect I do have an issue with my internet connection here. I notice occassional outages on other devices, so either way, I think I need to follow that up. I also have set up 12volt bus around the house, which has battery backup. So I might connect my shake to that (via a 5V regulator) and hope that improves the quality of the power supply.

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Hello gerardpalk,

you’re welcome, no problem at all.

Ah, I understand better now and yes, that could pose a problem in retrieving the logs. The fact that you couldn’t access rs.local/ and that there was no data being transmitted makes me think of three possible reasons:

  1. power cut, or diminished power supply
  2. some temporary corrupted file in the microSD, that gets “fixed” with a power cycle
  3. some hardware issues with the Pi board

However, these are merely general assumptions, and the fact that the Shake works again after a reboot points to reason 1) as the main possible cause. In any case, I hope that connecting it to the battery backup network (I had a similar one in my old house) can help you in solving the problem.